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Brian Bromberg … In The Spirit of Jobim … 2012

Bassist virtuoso, producer and composer Bromberg dedicates two albums to other musical artists that have serves as inspiration and influence over the years: Jimi Hendrix and Jobim.

Greg Poree … Phoenix … 2012

I feel like I should be relaxing in a club in NYC listening to this. It focuses on acoustic guitar throughout, but incorporates uke, piano, African djembe, and jazz drums.

Liars … WIXIW … 2012

A tense and dark album with a lot of bassy textures. Singer Angus Andrew’s voice slides hoarsely overtop this ambient and rhythmic album. Recommended!

Jimmy Fallon … Blow Your Pants Off … 2012

This album is comprised of musical skits from his late-night TV show. It’s hilarious and actually pretty awesome. He does a killer Neil Young, and there are stellar guest performances on here. Including Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney (singing “Scrambled Eggs,” the original lyrics for his hit “Yesterday”), and Justin Timberlake. Super good.