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Tennis … Young & Old … 2012

Tennis’s 2nd full length album may be even better than their first. Simple, dreamy, nostalgic pop. Songs about young love, traveling, and dreams. This album is heavenly, can’t stop listening to it! Totally recommended.

Damien Jurado … Maraqopa … 2012

This album sounds like a less ancient Neil Young. Lots of focus on guitars, mostly strummed rhythms but with the occasional psychedelic solo freak out.

First Aid Kit … The Lion’s Roar … 2012

With Bright Eye’s musicians at the helm, First Aid Kit’s second album is more produced and contained but doesn’t sacrifice their lush, youthful harmonies, more civilian and less folky, they seem to have embraced indie stardom. Or maybe they’re just older.

Cloud Nothings … Attack on Memory … 2012

This. Is. So. Good. I really liked Cloud Nothing’s previous work, but here they sound like they’ve grown into their sound. No longer glittery buzzing indie, now they’re getting grungier, dirtier, while remaining moody. Yeah. Think The Vines mixed with Nirvana and a dash of early Weezer. I would have been obsessed with this in middle school and I still love it!

Porcelain Raft … Strange Weekend … 2012

Porcelain Raft is definitely a fitting name. This music is floaty, dreamy, simple. The vocals are totally androgynous. Cool.