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Xiu Xiu … Always … 2012

Jamie Steward is back with his weird ass growth pop and its just as good as ever. His lyrics are shocking, his voice is brooding. Whats not to love? Probably a lot. But if you like Xiu Xiu then give this one a spin!

Sarah Jaffe … The Body Wins … 2012

Sarah’s bluesy, ballsy (hehe) voice went on a date with a drum machine and a new wave/hip-hop producer for Round #2. Though she’s employed more instrumentation Jaffe still evokes a richly depraced, hollow, barebones, sound. She’s pretty brilliant!

Moonface … With Sinnai - Heartbreaking Bravery

Wolf Parade frontman’s solo effort is pretty similar to his earlier work. Dark, deep rhythms and power chords against proto-gothic vocals and sad but epic lyrics.

M. Ward … A Wasteland Companion … 2012

M. Ward is a master at what he does - slow steady folk rock. Zoey Deschanel guests as usual, but I think his quietest most melancholic moments are his most profound.