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Amy Ray … Lung of Love … 2012

The fourth solo offering from this Indigo Girl is temperate but lively. Narrative and thoughtful, with more of an edge than her more famous work, this album is a pretty appealing mix of Springsteen, Elton John and well…the Indigo Girls. Nothing revolutionary, but quite pleasant.

RIYL The Indigo Girls, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen

Hunx … Hairdresser Blues … 2012

Half-hearted, whiny vocals and minimal rock instrumentation. Yet somehow Hunx is a strangely compelling pop songwriter.

Polica … Give You the Ghost … 2012

All synth, light autotune, and rhythmic confusion - Policia is intense and layered in emotion. Its dance pop meets the Bon Iver brand of sadness. Best of all its from GAYNGS contributors. 

Of Montreal … Paralytic Stalks … 2012

Kevin Barnes is that weirdo theater freak from your high school. And he’s a genius. Everything he produces is f**king brilliant and epic, he always goes big. This new album from Of Montreal is no exception. Every song is a manic showtune on steroids, or acid, or some kind of drug. I don’t even know justlisten to it!

Bleeding Knees Club … Virginity … 2011

Upbeat surf/garage rock from the UK. It’s fun, it’s angsty. All the song sounds the same in that simple, but good way.