1. We haven’t heard from DB in a while, but we’re hoping he’s doing alright. Keep making bangers Danny Brown.

  2. Speaking of David Lynch, here’s the trailer for his most recent musical production.  If you’re a fan of the Twin Peaks soundtrack, check this shit out.

  3. rollingstone:

    Rick Rubin received David Lynch Foundation’s “Lifetime of Harmony” award last night in L.A. We spoke with Rubin about Yeezus, the Beatles and transcendental meditation’s role in his life and music.

    Rick Rubin and David Lynch? Power move.

  4. rollingstone:

    "Commercial dance music makes me want to vomit." - James Murphy

    James Murphy telling it straight.


  5. The most important thing you will see today. The first punk band ever was three black brothers and they fucking shred. The movie is also on Netflix.