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Dry the River … Shallow Bed … 2012

Folk chamber pop with bright horn arrangements and airy vocals. The intense, building rhythms mimic the new wave of post rock. (think Sigur Ros) Recommended!

Horse Feathers … Cynic’s New Year … 2012

Horse Feather’s brand of soft hymn-like folk is consistent and powerful in its own way. They are consummate musicians and the simple intensity of their live experience is not to be missed

Trust … TRST … 2012

I’M SO INTO THIS! Dark, dark electronic dance music, think some people call this genre “witch house.” It is full of spells…. RECOMMENDED.

Alabama Shakes … Boys & Girls … 2012

Their debut opens with the lines “Bless my heart, bless my soul/Didn’t think I’d make it to 22yrs old” and it’s definitely a statement of purpose. Part ‘60’s soul, part roots rock, there’s nothing but sweat and passion in this music. This band blew up even before their album came out, lead singer Brittany Howard’s prowess is undeniable. Check this shit out.

Young Man … Vol. 1 … 2012

Sweeping, earnest indie rock - a little like Yeasayer. Hazy, trippy and a lot of fun - this record is going somewhere!