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Dawes … Nothing Is Wrong … 2011

Indie folk meets late ‘90s alt radio rock- I’m talking Fastball with maybe a little Cat Stevens thrown in. Track #8 is so innocent it’s almost virginal. So break out your olive oil and shed some ironic tears to the sweet sounds of 30-something white hipster ennui. In all seriousness though, it’s a highly listenable record, these guys have their sound honed.

Eric Copeland … Limbo … 2012

Member of Black Dice has been steady releasing experimental albums over the years. Limbo is suprisingly more accessible and medolic than most Black Dice. RIYL Black Dice, Beck, Olivia Tremor Control

Dan Mangan … Oh Fortune … 2011

Hailing from Vancouver, Dan Mangan makes dense, vibrant music that is simultaneously effortless and grating, dark and triumphant. It’s folk music in the strictest sense, but the songs on this album are never quite static, they build up and die down only to rise again for a triumphant fall. With cryptic, personal lyrics and a raw core to its fuzzy, washed-out edges, this album is definitely something new on the scene.

Twin Sister … In Heaven … 2011

Twin Sister’s first full length is so dreamy. It’s spare, upbeat, glowing, all at once. Builds on 80’s style pop in a really refreshing way. Put on this record, dance, and feel like you’re in heaven.

Xiu Xiu … Always … 2012

Jamie Steward is back with his weird ass growth pop and its just as good as ever. His lyrics are shocking, his voice is brooding. Whats not to love? Probably a lot. But if you like Xiu Xiu then give this one a spin!