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Devin … Romancing … 2012

It turns out, looks can be decieving cause this dude doesn’t sound anything like Robin Thicke. And that’s a good thing. Blues inspired upbeat rock, pretty catchy!

Moonface … With Sinnai - Heartbreaking Bravery

Wolf Parade frontman’s solo effort is pretty similar to his earlier work. Dark, deep rhythms and power chords against proto-gothic vocals and sad but epic lyrics.

M. Ward … A Wasteland Companion … 2012

M. Ward is a master at what he does - slow steady folk rock. Zoey Deschanel guests as usual, but I think his quietest most melancholic moments are his most profound.

Toro y Moi … June 2009 … 2012

Another album from Toro y Moi, oh boy! I totally connect with these songs on a deeper level, in the sense that I too have no idea what I’m doing with my life. This is the perfect summer album, glowing, lo-fi, electric pop. Sorry, its called “chillwave.” This album differs from his previous work though, it has much more of a vintage pop feel to it, guaranteed to make you nostalgic.

Horse Feathers … Cynic’s New Year … 2012

Horse Feather’s brand of soft hymn-like folk is consistent and powerful in its own way. They are consummate musicians and the simple intensity of their live experience is not to be missed