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Jimmy Fallon … Blow Your Pants Off … 2012

This album is comprised of musical skits from his late-night TV show. It’s hilarious and actually pretty awesome. He does a killer Neil Young, and there are stellar guest performances on here. Including Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney (singing “Scrambled Eggs,” the original lyrics for his hit “Yesterday”), and Justin Timberlake. Super good.

Metric … Synthetica … 2012

A slightly up-tight pop album posing the question: How can we be fully alive in a world so shaped by synthetic experience? This album is good, even if it’s too poppy for my taste.

Guided By Voices … Class Clown Spots A UFO … 2012

This album is all over the place. The only thing tying tracks together is the lo-fi don’tgiveaf**k attitude. It really seems like Guided By Voices has hit a place in its career where they can have fun, poop out an album, and make some money. Good for them.

The Young … Dub Egg … 2012

Grungy post-punk out of Austin, TX. This has its roots in 1970s punk and acid-induced psychedelia. Today The Young shares the stage with acts similar to and including Kurt Vile. This is really, really cool. Check it out.

Animal Collective … “Honeycomb”/”Gotham” … 2012

Sound-wise, Animal Collective reaches farther into outer space for inspiration on this masterful EP. The classic psychedelic lyricism is as animal-collective as always, so although this 2-song-EP is “out there,” it maintains a strong tie to the band’s history. “Honeycomb” is exactly as distinctly sweet as promised by its title, and “Gotham” as hopeless and wretched.

Their new album Centipede Hz will impact radio in early September.