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Liars … WIXIW … 2012

A tense and dark album with a lot of bassy textures. Singer Angus Andrew’s voice slides hoarsely overtop this ambient and rhythmic album. Recommended!

The Tallest Man on Earth … There’s No Leaving Now … 2012

Not as star-studded as Mattson’s previous albums, but in no way is this a dud. This album is more about progress - a maturation of style, a growth in production value and a relaxation of delivery. Quieter and calmer. Highly recommended.

Japandroids … Celebration Rock … 2012

A rip-roaring album about being young and irresponsible - pretty standard, I know, but they do it really well. This album is really a celebration of rock. Recommended! RIYL No Age, The Gaslight Anthem, Husker Du, Wavves, Titus Andronicus & The Replacements.

Mount Eerie … Clear Moon … 2012

It’s amazing how much can be done with so little. Mount Eerie is basically an extension of The Microphones, with the same singer, the same monotonous poetic lyricism, the same ceiling-high distortion with quiet guitar strumming. Great album, highly recommended.

Jaill … Traps … 2012

A twee-punk band with a slightly psychedelic edge. This is lo-fi with just the right amount of pop to keep it catchy. Recommended!