1. Have u seen cocaine blunts? Best be clickin that link

  2. We haven’t heard from DB in a while, but we’re hoping he’s doing alright. Keep making bangers Danny Brown.

  3. My dad is music/video genius! Here’s his latest creation, a performance of puppet proportions.

  4. Check these guys out! Sweet, low-drive indie pop with a Polaroid-camera, Wes-Anderson look to the music video.

    From the album ‘Staycations’ Released 2nd July 2012 by Kotki Dwa in partnership with National Trust

    Digital Press Release

    Album Documentary 1

    Album Documentary 2

    Album Documentary 3

    Pitchfork Review

    Guardian Review

    Bandcamp Link

    Follow @kotkidwa

  5. Strong Arm Steady is a west coast hip hop collective. From their original 8 members they’re now down to three (after Xhibit left to pimp rides or something). Statik Selektah is a vetren producer/promoter/industry man from the east coast with a long tradition of MC/producer team up albums. The two camps compliment each other extraordinarily well. The three members of SAS hurl dark gritty rhymes, usually accompanied by a  guest or three. Statik lays down soothing hypnotic beats that balance the assault of 5 people rapping at you in 4 minutes.