1. chrsbaio:

    Come Together // The Beatles (Arctic Monkeys Cover) 

    The boys from High Green impressing again. Taking on classics. It actually sounds pretty fitting.

    (Source: kanyeworkoutplans, via tack-y)

  2. My dad is music/video genius! Here’s his latest creation, a performance of puppet proportions.

  3. We Were Kids from Turtle Giant’s All Hidden Places

    indie mix of the killers and frightened rabbit

  4. Blues Control … Valley Tangents … Drag City 2012

    Intriguing unclassifiable post-rock, with hints of stadium, industrial, psych and prog (to name just a few). They wed exotic to the classical with a freedom the old masters couldn’t imagine. This album is brimming with life, careful recordings and compositions, and really are revolutionizing the experimental music scene today.

    GREAT MUSIC VIDEO! That performance artist was really great to watch.

  5. White Pulp … Vulgarity is Not a Felony … 2012

    Industrial rock, White Pulp’s 3rd album. The band is centered around Sonny Lanegan, an Italian, and is based in LA.

    RIYL Rammstein, NIN