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Bowerbirds … The Clearing … 2012

Bowerbirds’ third LP is notably more rounded and full. Though this duo turned hippie band has always cultivated a minimalist vision, weaving ideas of nature and belonging into quiet, clear melodies; The Clearing is just a bit more sonically diverse and bombastic. Rich and guttural yet characteristically restrained, these songs are not for the jaded but for the young and curious- those unwary of zealous odes where the melancholic and the impassioned emotions meet back on the other side. A few songs on the album burn bright and shine on their own, but if experience is any guide, the true gems of a Bowerbirds record will likely take time to unearth themselves.

Olof Arnalds … Olof Sings … 2011

Some covers from Olof. It’s true her voice is full of spring water chasteness. Pure, beautiful, chaste.

Dawes … Nothing Is Wrong … 2011

Indie folk meets late ‘90s alt radio rock- I’m talking Fastball with maybe a little Cat Stevens thrown in. Track #8 is so innocent it’s almost virginal. So break out your olive oil and shed some ironic tears to the sweet sounds of 30-something white hipster ennui. In all seriousness though, it’s a highly listenable record, these guys have their sound honed.

Dan Mangan … Oh Fortune … 2011

Hailing from Vancouver, Dan Mangan makes dense, vibrant music that is simultaneously effortless and grating, dark and triumphant. It’s folk music in the strictest sense, but the songs on this album are never quite static, they build up and die down only to rise again for a triumphant fall. With cryptic, personal lyrics and a raw core to its fuzzy, washed-out edges, this album is definitely something new on the scene.

The Pines … Dark So Gold … 2012

Beautiful alt-Americana out of the Midwest. Layered softly gorgeous raspy male vocals, acoustic picking … calls to mind cornfields and lazy rivers.