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Dan Deacon … True Thrush EP … 2012

Intense electronic alternative rock. Play the title track nice and loud - it feels like being in a sweaty basement jamming to an in-the-zone band.

Micachu & the Shapes … Never … Rough Trade Records 2012

Weird, bouncy, grating music. Short songs that have a lot of non traditional instrumentation: strumming a guitar without playing notes, crashing, beeping. The female singer, Micachu, has an echo-effect on her mic, singing calmly through a storm of percussion.

Bombay Bicycle Club … A Different Kind of Fix … 2011

Somewhere between rock and electonica, BBC’s rhythms are freaking catchy! I’ve been listening to the first track on repeat for a couple weeks straight. Definitely recommended.

Eric Copeland … Limbo … 2012

Member of Black Dice has been steady releasing experimental albums over the years. Limbo is suprisingly more accessible and medolic than most Black Dice. RIYL Black Dice, Beck, Olivia Tremor Control

David Lynch … Crazy Clown Times … 2011

This is exactly how I’d expect David Lynch’s music to sound. Super crazy, super clown. It’s definitely got a Twin Peaks vibe to it too- some songs sound really Julee Cruise inspired. He collaborates with Karen O. on track 1 and the album gets progressivley weirder after that. If you’re a fan of David Lynch’s voice and electronic noises, check it out.