1. Speaking of David Lynch, here’s the trailer for his most recent musical production.  If you’re a fan of the Twin Peaks soundtrack, check this shit out.

  2. rollingstone:

    Rick Rubin received David Lynch Foundation’s “Lifetime of Harmony” award last night in L.A. We spoke with Rubin about Yeezus, the Beatles and transcendental meditation’s role in his life and music.

    Rick Rubin and David Lynch? Power move.


  3. David Lynch … Crazy Clown Times … 2011

    This is exactly how I’d expect David Lynch’s music to sound. Super crazy, super clown. It’s definitely got a Twin Peaks vibe to it too- some songs sound really Julee Cruise inspired. He collaborates with Karen O. on track 1 and the album gets progressivley weirder after that. If you’re a fan of David Lynch’s voice and electronic noises, check it out.

    (Source: Spotify)