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Thee Oh Sees … Carrion Crawler/The Dream EP … 2011

Thee Oh Sees is sorta primo in the lo-fi indie seen right now… no big deal. This EP, I think, is more accessible than their jangly, rushed debut album. Heavy riffs and grooving bass lines drive this EP forward into the realm of decent music. 

RIYL No Age, Cloud Nothings

Summer Camp … Welcome to Condale … 2011

“A love letter to the days of being a teenager.” London duo combines pop elements from the 80s on…calls to mind Madonna, DOM, and other pop act that are simultaneously embarrassing and addictive.

Dirty Projectors + Bjork … Mount Wittenberg Orca … 2011

With a collaboration like this you’d know it would have to be off the deep end of sonic bizarreness. And they don’t disappoint there. Mostly acoustic and vocally experimental in that Dirty Projectors sort of way, the album can sound some what formulaic and one sided. But if you like either of these artists and don’t mind a little restraint, you’ll be pleased.

M83 … Hurry Up We’re Dreaming … 2011

Don’t let the length of this album intimidate you. It’s an explosion of shoegazey dreampop all the way through. The album works best as one cohesive unit. It is a trip to the moon in slow motion. Recommended!

The Dø … Both Ways Open Jaws … 2011

The Dø’s brand of Euro folk-pop is really freaking edible. Simple and sugary but fully human, the female vocals feel comfortable and nostalgic, and just a little bit elusive. The singer sound like if Bjork did less out-there stuff. I’m in love with this. Staff pick!

RIYL Violent Femmes, Bjork, Lykki Li