Anonymous: Hi, Future Present host. I posed a few questions to the previous host, mainly about who to talk to to see about hosting a show/program. Is it hard to get a weekly spot, or are you still trying to fill air space. I think I saw some dead air space Wed. afternoons. Thanks for answering my questions. I like your song selections so far.

Feel free to contact our KWCW General Manager, Nicole (, with questions about scheduling opportunities and show applications. And thank you for your participation as a listener of KWCW. Our DJs always like to hear that their song selections and air-time are appreciated! 

Anonymous: Hi! Are you filling in between scheduled shows? I don't see anything on the schedule right now. I like your picks. Also, who might I talk to about hosting a show? Thanks!

Hello and thank you for your interest! For questions regarding how to apply for a show, contact our KWCW General Manager, Nicole, at