Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat

Today, after a few weeks of leaks, Lorde officially released her song “Yellow Flicker Beat” for the newest Hunger games soundtrack.

lorde published a blog post, along with the song. And once you read it, once you listen to the song, you get this feeling of solitary, steely reserve. Like Katniss—who is very much a solitary figure in her own war—Lorde has created this soundtrack in the late night hours, alone.

Asking a talented lyricist and artists like Lorde to encapsulate a heroine like Katniss is still a lofty task. What Lorde manages to accomplish is the essence of our seventeen-year old rebel, a soft lullaby-esque beginning that is hardened by lyrics that drip with a sense of confidence. The chorus embodies warriorhood, but then, there is a tempestuousness that comes from war, that comes from just being a young woman. Katniss is inexorably tied to the unknown of the future and in herself, in the song, there is weakness and strength, girlhood and adulthood.